Motive’s EvidenceDirect® service delivers to your organization continuous surveillance of emerging medical evidence specific to your library of order sets, care plans, and other clinical content assets.  

When new evidence potentially requires updating of your clinical content, you will receive notifications that clearly identify which content elements need updating to stay current with evidence.

Meet Clinician Demand for Accurate Content

Physicians want fast, easy access to evidence that supports their decision making, but they need to have trust and confidence that the intelligence delivered via clinical systems is relevant and timely.

EvidenceDirect provides hospital staff and clinicians the benefits of current content with minimal staff or budget requirement.

Targeted Notifications

There’s no shortage of new evidence and medical content being produced. However, a key challenge is the ability to narrow down what is published to:

  1. What is relevant to your organization’s initiatives and priorities, and/or
  2. What may involve legal or financial liability if not updated.

Efforts to achieve this internally are typically hampered by lack of resources.

EvidenceDirect delivers to your team regular notifications with only those changes in evidence that are specifically relevant to your order sets and evidence policy.

Comprehensive Surveillance and Targeted Notifications

Health care organizations need a sensitive and specific solution that identifies new evidence without increasing the burden on internal resources.

Motive’s Evidence Engine continually surveils more than 120 data streams and over 1,000,000 articles a year, including government regulatory policies, quality measures, and reimbursement requirements.

Fast Implementation

Most EvidenceDirect customers are up and running within two to four weeks. All it takes is one customer team member to identify the evidence priorities and order sets to monitor.

Gain a Trusted Advisor

As part of EvidenceDirect, you gain access to the insights and analysis of Motive’s network of over 600 board-certified medical experts who further analyze the evidence to determine clinical impact.

EvidenceDirect notifications not only contain updates but also provide statements of clinical impact that empower your team to weigh the new developments against your own policies and guidelines.


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