From Outdated to Updated

From Outdated to Updated
How up-to-date is the evidence in your CPOE solution?

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"With Motive, we had the up-to-date evidence that we needed to support the orders that we put in our system. Motive made the process fast and easy."

Tracy Maddox
Product Owner
Prognosis Health Information Systems

There is no doubt that a CPOE implementation is one of the most complex, resource-intense, and challenging health information technology implementations.

The effort in delivering quality clinical content only begins at go-live.

The new questions arising in the post-CPOE go-live environment are “How do we keep these order sets current?” and “How do we continue to add new order sets to meet emerging goals and priorities?”

The Reality of Ongoing Order Set Maintenance

Keeping up with current requirements and evidence surrounding requirements is a substantial job. Without a systematic approach to order set maintenance, your organization is challenged to:

  • Keep up with evolving regulatory, quality, and performance measures
  • Monitor and assess the never-ending stream of clinical literature
  • Synchronize clinical content from content providers with the content within clinical systems 
  • Maintain clinician trust if content becomes outdated
  • Avoid liability issues due to out-of-date evidence

Keeping Evidence Current

The foundation of any clinical information technology implementation is the delivery of the right evidence at the right time for the right patient. This requires the rapid ability to monitor, assess, and identify changes required within your CPOE solution. You need:

  • A push versus a pull solution
  • No additional software implementations or changes to clinical workflow
  • The ability to support and streamline existing governance processes
  • An evidence policy that supports the organization’s priorities
  • Visibility into evidence changes required within your clinical solution
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From Outdated to Updated.