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The new value-based model of care requires an expanded universe of evidence to support it. Motive’s Evidence 2.0™ approach integrates all forms of available information—patient data, clinical practice guidelines, quality measures, new science, behavioral health data—to realize big data’s potential to improve patient outcomes across the full spectrum of care delivery.

Motive’s cloud-based products are both highly specific and fully configurable. Motive understands clinical workflows. Motive also understands that every health care organization has unique needs. Every Motive product delivers sophisticated analytics and finely tuned reporting capabilities. The result? As Motive funnels the precise information you need, your organization benefits from both cost optimization and comprehensive maintenance of your knowledge assets.


Just as Bloomberg delivers real-time financial data and analytics to financial professionals, Motive’s EvidenceDirect™ provides completely computable clinical evidence and analysis that providers and vendors need to deliver value-based care. EvidenceDirect can be mapped to update a provider’s specific content assets, an IT vendor’s data needs, or it can power such specific applications as Motive’s own Care Plans for Population Health

Care Plans for Population Health Management

Successful population health management depends on the alignment of clinical strategy with risk strategy: care delivered at the right time, in the right place, by the right team, to the right patient. Motive’s Care Plans for Population Health Management product is a catalogue of 100 fully computable care plans, each driven by evidence-based guidelines and gaps-in-care analytics—for inpatient, outpatient, discharge transition, and home care. Motive’s Care Plans for Population Health Management are comprehensive, patient-specific, and interoperable.

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