Our Story.

Motive Medical Intelligence™ was born out of a commitment to improving the quality of care outcomes by transforming the way health care professionals learn. Since its beginning, Motive has been focused on curating, analyzing, and delivering the highest-quality evidence-based information to the clinical team to support patient care.

From its start in 1996, Motive has envisioned technology as an essential facilitator of this knowledge transfer. The widespread adoption of technology in health care now enables Motive to increase the power of its solutions and fully realize its mission of delivering medical intelligence at the point of care.

Over the past 18 years, Motive has perfected the critical integration of medical expertise, workflow systems, and technology-enabled products and services needed to make knowledge actionable in health care.

The Motive™ Difference

Motive Medical Intelligence delivers just that: intelligence. The health care industry is flooded with data and information, but they do not become intelligence until all of the available knowledge is curated, analyzed, and made actionable. This is what Motive does.
At the heart of Motive’s intelligence-delivery system is a sophisticated integration of people, technology, and what we call Evidence 2.0™.

Evidence 2.0™

Outcomes-based care requires a new definition of evidence. Evidence 2.0 starts with traditional sources and incorporates both emerging scientific data streams and the rich flow of your own clinical workflow and analytics data. Motive then links this evidence to real-time patient data to create new value in care delivery. Evidence 2.0 is what makes EvidenceDirect and Care Plans for Population Health Management possible. In Evidence 2.0, every piece of data informs continuous, coordinated care.

The Motive™ Analytics Engine

A new definition of evidence requires new approaches to both the design and the delivery of that evidence. By mapping and tagging your information assets to subject-specific, continuously running search algorithms, the Motive Analytics Engine provides real-time alerts when changes occur in the evidence that is important to you. The rules inside Motive’s engine are tuned for specificity over sensitivity and can be calibrated to your needs and evidence policies. The rules are also designed for action, not reference: If it does not have the relevance that you need, it is not in our system.

The Motive™ Expert Network

While technology is necessary, it is not sufficient. Medical subject matter expertise is what fuels the Motive Analytics Engine. Our network of more than 600 board-certified, academically affiliated physicians, nurses, and pharmacists across all therapeutic areas guides the application of medical intelligence inside our products. These experts work closely with Motive’s informaticists, knowledge engineers, and medical editors to create the highest-quality, most relevant medical intelligence for outcomes-based care.

Our Team

Jeanne Cohen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeanne founded Motive with the vision of leveraging evidence-based content and technology to create a continuous learning context for clinical care delivery. From the company's beginning as an award-winning provider of continuing medical education for physicians, Jeanne has built Motive into a leading innovative force in the transformation of health care. Jeanne serves on numerous boards and advisory groups in health care and higher education. Jeanne received her MA from Harvard University and her BA from Bates College.

Rich Klasco, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Rich leads the evidence and clinical content strategies for all of Motive’s clinical information products and services, and he manages the application of Motive’s subject matter expertise to all its clinical information activities. Rich works directly with chief medical officers to align Motive’s clinical information stream with their care delivery objectives. Prior to joining Motive, Rich served as the chief medical officer and editor-in-chief of Thomson Health Care. Rich received his MD from Harvard Medical School and currently practices emergency medicine and teaches at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Julie Scherer
Chief Data Scientist

Julie leads the informatics design strategy for all of Motive’s clinical information products and services, and she oversees all the activities of the clinical informatics team. Julie works directly with chief medical informatics officers, as well as customers’ technology and informatics teams, to integrate and optimize Motive’s solutions for them. Prior to joining Motive, Julie served as the chief solution architect for Cengage Learning and DigitalThink. Julie received her PhD in computer science from the University of Michigan.

Jay Tyler
Chief Sales Officer

Jay leads sales and marketing strategy for Motive, and he manages Motive’s business development activities. Jay advises business development leads in Motive customer organizations about how Motive’s products and services can help them solve their clinical information challenges. Prior to joining Motive, Jay served in sales leadership roles at DigitalThink, Clarify, Gartner, and Xerox. Jay received his BS in marketing from California State University at Chico.

Leslie Kilgo
Chief Financial Officer

Leslie leads financial management and infrastructure strategy for Motive, and she manages partner relationships. Leslie works closely with Motive’s clients to align pricing and payment models with product and service delivery. Prior to joining Motive, Leslie served in senior accounting roles at Arthur Andersen, where she was a certified public accountant, and in financial growth leadership roles in innovator companies in the publishing industry. Leslie received her BS in business administration and accounting from the University of Montana.

Nicholas Rains
Chief Solutions Officer

Nicholas leads all product strategy, design, and management activities at Motive, as well as client fulfillment strategy and systems. Nicholas also directs the critical collaboration between Motive and its clients to ensure seamless, timely, and on-budget delivery of all Motive products and services. Prior to joining Motive, Nicholas served in quality assurance and editorial leadership and management positions at consulting and health care advocacy and education organizations. Nicholas studied at Grinnell College and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Paola Dell’Osso
Executive Vice President of Sales

Paola heads all Motive client-facing sales activities, and she works directly with clients to provide the insights and best practices they need to understand their unique situation and challenges. Paola works with all stakeholders in matching Motive’s products and services to customers’ needs. Prior to joining Motive, Paola held sales management positions in the professional services sector. Paola received her BA in art history from Mills College and her Certificate in Italian and art history from the Universita per Stranieri di Perugia.

Matt Pfeffer
Executive Vice President of Products

Matt leads all quality functions at Motive, and he directs the activities of the analytics team. Matt works closely with clients to define their requirements, and he provides the critical interface between customer business owners and Motive quality and analytics processes. Prior to joining Motive, Matt served in analytics and systems development management positions in publishing and Silicon Valley innovator companies. Matt received his BA from Brandeis University.

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