Evidence drives your outcomes.

Evidence today requires both an expanded set of sources and integration of those sources into your care workflow.

The accelerating pace of scientific discovery, coupled with the growing processing capabilities and connectivity of technology, is rapidly pushing health care into the world of Evidence 2.0™—a world in which continuous, real-time evidence supports, shapes, and improves clinical care and outcomes.

You need new tools and partners to meet the challenges of the Evidence 2.0 world—to source, manage, and maintain current clinical and scientific evidence and integrate it with your real-time patient care data.

Motive is your partner.

Motive recognizes that every health care organization has unique and highly specific needs. Motive will meet you wherever you are in the volume-to-value transition.

Your Need:

Manage and maintain your data assets

If you are struggling to manage and maintain your order sets and care plans…

If you lack the resources to maintain the evidence underlying your clinical decision support assets…

If you have integrated real-time patient data, but you need guidance on streamlining alerts…

Motive can provide the processes, tools, and resources you need to maintain and adaptively revise your flow of information.

Your Need:

Align the highest-quality evidence with clinical workflows

If you have identified patient populations and segments you want to manage in a value-based model…

If you have built new population care teams, but your current decision support assets do not align with their new care goals…

Motive can deliver the patient-specific care plans you need to provide each team member with actionable evidence and achieve your desired outcomes.

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